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Photos play a crucial role in helping visitors book accommodations online. Since they haven’t seen your property in person, they rely heavily on the photos you upload to help them make their decision. Studies show that up to 92% of visitors are more likely to book properties that display high-quality professional photos. Fotos are also the single most important thing guests look at when deciding to stay at your property. Below we'll share with you the importance...

Creating a successful Airbnb listing is both art and science. The profile should look good, be engaging, offer the right information, the right price and motivate potential guests to make a reservation. As this isn't as easy as it looks like we have selected 5 Tips to create a successful Airbnb listing.   1. Capture Attention with a Catchy Headline The goal is to create a headline that reads like a great experience, an unbelievable deal, a hidden gem,...

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